Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Captain Obvious Sez: Taliban likely to keep fighting

As a fighting season expected to be the bloodiest in a decade gets under way across Afghanistan, a common misconception in Western commentary is to attribute the escalation to a desire to avenge bin Laden.

No kidding. Really? The same guys who fought long and hard to toss the Soviet Union out of their nation when bin Laden’s resume was still in the mail to the CIA will continue to fight to toss out the current imperial occupation forces? Afghanistan’s tribes fighting non-tribes (and each other)? Say it ain’t so! Other, than, you know, “historically speaking,” that is.

Why is it that the American Empire and its subjects presume themselves immune from history and sociology? What sort of imperial hubris afflicts the nation to think that, for instance, if we just kill and bomb and destroy enough that other nations will rise up and love them?


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