Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: Death threats

I want the same neat-o quasi-literate death threats that Jim Bovard gets! Nothing says that you’ve ticked off the ignorant sots who are incapable of forming an actual coherent thought (let alone a coherent argument) than their brownshirt flavored desire to kill you. Nothing stifles disagreeable thought like death, and there is nothing that the typical boobus americanus hates more than somebody who makes him feel insecure, whether by thought, word, or deed.

You see, your typical Yellow Bellied Thug, as found in the wild, recognizes in his heart of hearts that in reality his life is pretty meaningless, he’s never likely to accomplish anything more exciting than punching a time clock or suffer worse than a paper cut, and is intellectually and emotionally challenged by any reminder thereof. In short, he’s a perfect candidate for the oh-so-needed-but-yet-to-be-invented Total Perspective Vortex. The Yellow Bellied Thug, having no real accomplishments of his own, derives a false sense of worth from whatever his “team” does, whether in professional sports or, as we have here, military activities. Guys who couldn’t hump a rucksack two miles or last ten minutes on the sports field nevertheless view themselves as Grok The Barbarian because of that “their” guys did. And woe betide anyone who questions “their” team, because that’s the moral equivalent of questioning them. Since they know the answer to the question, “I’m a meaningless speck on the universe’s butt,” and are very sensitive about that meaninglessness (self-esteem being high in America, compared to, say, actual esteem), their response is the typical tantrum thrown by a two year old. He can’t argue, so he hits.

Well, he doesn’t hit, that would involve actual danger to his own worthless skin. He advocates that others go and hit for him. So he can feel better about himself. Maybe it’s time for a national time out, and all these “heroes” can take some time for a blankie and a nap. It can’t hurt, and maybe when they wake up they’ll feel better about themselves. They still won’t understand American values, but maybe they will be a little less cranky and less prone to whining and sniveling.

In the meantime, the adults are talking and the kiddies would be better off neither seen nor heard.

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