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Ranting about: Revolvers

Revolver frames and the grips (I guess they’re “stocks” now) that cover them, more precisely.

The question is – just WTF were the designers of the Ruger Redhawk frame thinking? I’ve tried five different grips – including factory stock – on the bloody thing and can not find a single one that doesn’t feel like I’m grabbing a 2×4, with all the shooting comfort that implies.

Apparently if I want something in a 4″ barreled .44 Magnum revolver, it’s going to have to be a Smith & Wesson (since the old Colt Anacondas are not going to make the price curve, Dan Wessons are too hard to find, Super Redhawks need gunsmithing to hit the 4″ mark, and I’m leery of other brands) revolver if I want to have anything that can be shot with reasonable comfort.

Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll have the chance, some day, to meet whoever the engineer was who thought that the grip shape of the Ruger Redhawk was a winner … and shake his gorilla-like hand.


3 responses to “Ranting about: Revolvers

  1. MamaLiberty July 25, 2011 at 7:28 pm

    KRH-444 5026 .44 Mag. Black Hogue® Monogrip® 4.20″ 9.50″ 1:20″ RH 47.00 oz. $949.00

    Would that be better? I don’t care for the old fashioned grips myself. Couldn’t shoot a 44Mag no matter how it was built, myself. My fingers are too short!

    • MamaLiberty July 25, 2011 at 7:30 pm

      Wasn’t very clear there… I can’t shoot a .357Mag more than a few times, and wouldn’t want to even try a .44M. The short fingers make it impossible for me to fire a great many handguns, of course, regardless of the cartridge size. 🙂

    • Hobbit@Law July 25, 2011 at 7:34 pm

      Not really – the problem lies with the grip frame itself. With the “stub” you find in the GP100 or Dan Wesson, or the round butt of a Smith, it gives me more room to grab and hold the thing. But, especially with oomphier .44 rounds (e.g. 300gr. +P JSPs, designed – as best I can tell – for killing marauding Volkswagens) cartridges, I prefer a wood grip for just a bit of “slip” like the old Colt Peacemakers had. 😀

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