Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: Super Congress

I do not understand the fuss over the idea of a “Super Congress” that will propose legislation. How is it any different from any other group that proposes legislation, or even any individual who proposes legislation? The problem is not the source, it’s that legislation is still being proposed! To paraphrase PJ O’Rourke, “We’ve had over two centuries of legislation. Isn’t it done yet? Can’t we stick a fork in it and call it good?”

Alvie gets the rest of it right, though, when he points out that others only have as much power over us as we’re willing to cede to them. There is always the choice to disobey. Granted, that choice may have undesirable consequences, but all too often you hear from people that they have “no choice.” What they really mean is that they do not like the choices they have and, indeed, choices sometimes suck. A mugger who says, “Gimme yer wallet” is a situation where disobedience may result in injury or death, whether in the alley or in the courts afterward (which is a topic for a different day), and it’s generally cheaper to comply than to reply, “Come and get it.”

But when he says, “Gimme your daughter,” well, then those choices of obedience or resistance take on a whole different flavor, don’t they? Though I’m told that there are more than a few on the Left who’d cheerfully offer up their wives, their daughters, and even their own selves rather than resist a demand from someone like that.

Back to the original point, though, this is a prime example of “who gives a rat’s patoot?” The real decision is whether individuals, cities, counties, and states are going to continue to obey Leviathan and his minions.

My guess is “yes,” because they’ll feel (not think) that they have no choice. They’re wrong, but they’ll never realize it, because it’s as alien to them as resistance would be to a Leftist.


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