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Daily Archives: July 28, 2011

Thinking about: Sheeple

The term “sheeple,” in popular use in certain quarters, is an amalgam of “sheep” and “people,” and is used to describe the blind and herd-like nature that the majority have in following others, whether guided or not. I recall reading somewhere that the word is offensive, but given that those being offended by it are sheeple – or shepleherds,* who do not wish their relationship with the sheeple described with any degree of accuracy (it can stampede the herd, ya know) – I’m not terribly concerned.

One of the reason that the sheeples get offended is the inherent suggestion in the term that they are unwilling at best, or unable at worst, to think for themselves. Shepleherds know better, of course, and count on that very inability or unwillingness of the sheeples as part of their wealth and power extraction process. Science apparently agrees with me – quelle surprise – and in this described report we find the money quote being, ““In general, people do not like to have an unpopular opinion and are always seeking to try locally to come to consensus.” In other words, “thinking like the rest of the herd does.” This desire for herdthink is a decidedly useful tool for the shepleherds and its use is in view all the time – watch any shepleherd describing an unorthodox idea as “crazy” or “outlandish” or “never been done before,” rather than addressing the merits of the idea itself and you’re seeing sheeple herding at work.

Yet it is often the outlandish and unorthodox ideas that are the correct ones, despite herdthink to the contrary. Humans were meant to fly, disease is caused by germs (sorry ’bout that insanity thing, Dr. Simmelweis), and that the purpose of government is to secure life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness – not to herd and shear and occasionally turn sheeples into mutton curry for the benefit of others.

So in addition to the Quibbles and Bits and Thinking about categories, I figure I’ll add a new one: Outside the Herd, dedicated to outlandish ideas that nevertheless would seem deserve a good airing. I hope that the four of you who read this will enjoy.

*one who herds sheeple. the parasite classes. duh.