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Daily Archives: August 3, 2011

Thinking about: Duh Voters

I see headlines like this:

CNN/ORC Poll: Most Americans dislike debt deal, think lawmakers acted like ‘spoiled children’ and my reflex thought is “but who, exactly, put them IN there?” Why is it on a “bad” year Congress only has 90% reelection rate for incumbents?

The answer – or an answer at least – is that voters generally are happy with their own representatives, because he’s usually bringing home federal pork in some form or other for the local district. It’s the other guy who is a problem.

Which leads to at least one fascinating solution (or part of one) to the problem of the federal legislature not looking out for the nation as a whole, but rather just looking to get their trotters in the trough for their own constitutents: Have reelections be based on randomly chosen districts, with that designation occurring only ten days prior to the election. So it’s very nice that Congresman Porkbarrel brought a new bridge home to his electors in New York City – he’d best be ready to explain to the voters in West Skunkbutt, Idaho, how that bit of tax money from their pockets, going to New York State, was a benefit to them.

I figure if we combine the Random Reelection District process with the elimination of withholding tax (that having been imposed to win WWII and WWII having been won 65 or so years ago), and moving Income Tax Day up to the first Monday in November … I suspect we’d see a lot more enthusiastic voter participation and a much higher quality – or at least honest – level of representation.