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Daily Archives: August 10, 2011

Welcome to the party, pal!

In the action movie Die Hard, Bruce Willis plays a police officer trapped in a building filled with terrorists and hostages. He tries desperately to attract the attention of law enforcement officials outside, and finally succeeds by throwing a dead terrorist through a window and onto the hood of a police car. He shouts his tag line, as is obligatory for any action hero, to the officer scrambling for cover, “Welcome to the party, pal.”

Welcome to the party, pal

Someone just tossed a body – or something equivalent – on the British press. The Guardian, has apparently just realized what any observer of government and the State has known for years: That the minions of the State are reactive in nature, that in regard to their relationship with the citizenry they basically show up to draw chalk lines around bodies, and that their ultimate purpose is really nothing more than exerting control of the citizenry on behalf of the State. Americans saw this during any number of outbreaks here – the Rodney King riots come to mind – and courts have affirmed for decades that the police owe no obligation whatsoever to individual citizens, but only to “society as a whole.” Based on their actions during various outbreaks of large scale violence, I’d question whether there’s even an obligation to society as a whole – especially because police “survival” training emphasizes that their actual and foremost obligation is to “come home alive at the end of their shift.”

One can only wonder how supportive the Guardian – and other media – will continue to be of their beloved State as more and more of the impotence that the Guardian describes comes into view. My guess is that they’ll sit back and cheerlead for more powers, more authority, more money, because no True Believer ever wants to find out that his god is not only mortal, but has feet of clay in the bargain.

The barbarians are here, and the supposed guardians of civilization are impotent.

Got popcorn? And ammunition?

Edit: The thoroughly insightful Justin Raimondo describes and offers some excellent thoughts on these Barbarians With Blackberries.