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Daily Archives: August 23, 2011

Thinking about: Libertarians

Mama Liberty pointed out in comments that she’s not a libertarian. I suppose I’d ask her in comments here just what she defines “libertarian” as, and why she’s not one (since she’s of some nodding acquaintance). But there’s a difference between “libertarian” which is another flavor of, say, “anarcho-capitalist” or “free-market adherent” or – my personal favorite from law school, as used by one of the Green professors, “privateer.” I’d offer as my definition that a libertarian is someone who believes that “that government is best, which governs least,” who supports the freedom of individuals to consensually engage in behavior (contracted or not) without interference* from third parties, and agrees that the initiation of force is a Bad Thing.

Then there are the “libertarians” who like to sign on for the “personal freedom” part, but really are nothing more than libertines. Anybody, like this guy, who says he’d “torture for fun” is not a libertarian, was likely never a libertarian, and a screed that explains why he’s not something he decidedly wasn’t is just so much web-based ego stroking.

Which, for that matter, is what my friend Brian says most blogs are, likely this one included. 😀

*attempted persuasion, verbal or in writing, is not interference.