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Daily Archives: August 25, 2011

Word of the day: Solutionism

While the American cultural attitude toward problem-resolution has been – and can be – admirable, nonetheless the nation really needs to recognize that not every problem has a solution, as the first step toward recovery from the solutionism that is currently infecting the civic body, much to the detriment of allowing yer averij resident to just get on with his life.

Thinking about: Political mindsets

A person chooses his political affiliation based – in no small part – on his own mindset and view of the world. The Democratic party, as best I can tell, attracts herdthinkers (i.e. those who always think in terms of “the group”) and nannystaters, while the Republican party seems to be somewhat more oriented toward individuals and daddystaters. This is by no means a blanket assertion, as there are no end of variations on a theme and individuals have all sorts of reasons for affiliating one way or the other. Both parties also have – no surprise – a very strong us vs. them view of the world (which is no small part of why things will be coming crashing down in the near future, as the polarization meets the limits of resources).

One nice piece of evidence for this is when I talk to a Democrat, and criticize Democrats or their policies, the Democrat immediately, almost universally, and wrongly accuses me of being a Republican. Republians, on the other hand, will recognize me as being Something Else on the political spectrum, but not per se a Democrat. Rs recognize that individuals form groups, and that not every group in opposition to R policies is going to necessarily be a Democrat.

This is also a demonstration of the Ds tendency toward an unacknowledged elitism – for a D, there can be Only One Other Group Worthy Of Notice. Smaller groups, communists, libertarians, constitutionalists, socialists (ones who aren’t already Ds), and so on) don’t really count.

Of course, there are thoughtful Ds and not-so-bright Rs who will not fit into the observation above – but that, after all, is a purpose of blogging – to toss out observations that may (or may not) be accurate and/or worthy of further discussion. 😀