Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: Them

I note that some of the various race hustlers, as Walter Williams calls them, are out and about calling for or predicting war, or war lite, or kinetic action, or other-euphemisms-yet-to-be-determined again. Said war to be waged on Them (and I don’t mean giant ants that are suddenly infesting Los Angeles. It little matters to dotgov types, or warmongers of any stripe (but I repeat myself) who “They” are, other than that the warmongers require a They and a Them and a Those People in order for the warmongers to create an “Us” that will keep the warmongers in their seats of power. I see at the moment we have commentary regarding a possible race war in the Southwest – I don’t know why They don’t accept that the land was stolen fair and square and give up the idea of recovery of the stolen property – and a variety of have nots are advocating violence against the haves – or against those who refuse to share what they’ve earned with those who haven’t earned it, anyway – and, of course, the usual Mencken described hobgoblin sightings.

As they used to say, “Without Them, there is no Us.” Sadly, for most people, “Without Us, there is no Me.” Too many individuals have been conditioned to believe that their whole identity lies with the group, rather than with their own self, and thus they fall easy prey to statists willing to use that lack of personality for their own power, glory, and benefit.

Resources are seen as decreasing, unrest and dissatisfaction are increasing, dogs and cats are starting to live together. Interesting times a’coming.

Got popcorn?


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