Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: Greed

Socialoids (a more fun word than “communitarians” and more accurate than “socialists” for describing those whose social, psychological, and economic faiths rest in the group, rather than the individual) will natter on and on about how greed is bad, and decry the “selfishness” of individuals who somehow have come to the conclusion that they should keep what they have built or earned, and that socialoids have no claim on the property of others. Such individualists are the bane of All That Is – and can be – Good, and if only they’d become Of The Body, life on earth would become like paradise. The problem is that socialoids don’t take into account that greed and selfishness are normal parts of human nature, and thus giving greedy and selfish socialoids control over the assets of others just results in those assets being used for the socialoids’ ends, which – as anyone who’s heard of a death camp might understand – are not always the best uses of those resources.

There is an old joke about a journalist interviewing a New Soviet Man in the early USSR. “So,” the journalist asks, “If you have two houses you’ll give me one?” “Why yes!” the NSM replies with vigor. “And if you have two cars, one is mine?” the journalist continues. “Of course,” the NSM answers, “That is the nature of socialism, we all share in the bounty of the world together!” “Well, what about your shirt?” the journalist says, pointing. “NYET!” the NSM answers. Taken aback at this lack of sharing, the journalist asks, “Why not?” “Because I actually have two shirts,” the NSM answers.

Ask any socialoid if you can move into his house, have his car, eat his food, or anything else that involves your use of his personal resources to the extent that you want to use them and his answer will certainly be as resounding a “NO” as any cold hearted selfish Randian might give. And yet that jackleg will be happy to prattle on and on and on about how essential it is for you to give up your things for his projects. All of the socialoid billionaires who think taxes should be higher? They’re free to write checks to the US Treasury as big as they’d like – or even just not take advantage of any loopholes – and yet they work their accountants’ fingers to the bones making sure that every one of their dollars possible stays in their control.

In short, socialoids are not motivated by any sort of “higher social awareness” compared to your average free market slug. Rather, they are simply indulging in their own MKI Human Being behavior, but rather than admit to their own personal failings, pretend that somehow those failings are a blessing when applied to others.


One response to “Thinking about: Greed

  1. Kendal Volbrecht September 28, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    “We are all born for love. It is the principle of existence, and its only end.” ~ Benjamin Disraeli

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