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Thinking about: Hanging out an “Empire Closed” sign

Mostly seconding the motion located here, of which the salient points regarding empire closure (with my comments (like this) are:

· Cut a half a trillion dollars out of the $1.2 trillion national security budget; putting half of it into tax cuts for non-billionaires, and half of it into useful spending on green energy, education, retraining for displaced military-industrial workers, etc. (Pass on the spending money on anything but tax cuts for the overburdened tax payer, but otherwise a good start)

· Bring the National Guard home and de-federalize it. (How ’bout “get rid of it entirely” and thus prevent future temptation to use it?)

· Ban the redeployment of personnel currently suffering PTSD. (Ban standing armies, thus solving the problem inherent in deploying them.)

· Ban no-bid uncompeted military contracts. (Why limit it to just military contracts?)

· Restore Constitutional war powers to the Congress. (That would be up to Congress to reassert the powers it has – no need to “restore” something that hasn’t gone away.)

· Create of a public referendum required prior to launching any war. (Too much like democracy – that’s why it’s supposed to be a republic here. However, impeaching, convicting, and imprisoning any President who does not obtain a clear declaration of war would help.)

· Close the foreign bases. (Domestic ones, too.)

· Ban weapons from space. (Good luck enforcing that against others, but certainly the US can agree to not do it.)

· Ban extra-legal prisons. (And take a long hard look at who exactly is being put into the “legal” ones.)

· Ban kangaroo military courts outside of our ordinary court system. (How about just banning kangaroo courts, period?)

· Restore habeas corpus. (Exercise it. It hasn’t gone anywhere – see “War Powers” above.)

· Limit military spending to no more than twice that of the next highest spending nation on earth. (Too mechanical. Limit it to that amount necessary to maintain a modest Navy to defend the continental United States, just like the Founders intended.)

· Ban secret budgets, secret agencies, and secret operations. (Couldn’t have said it better.)

· Ban the launching of drone strikes into foreign nations. (Or launching them at home.)

· Forbid the transfer of students’ information to military recruiters without their permission. (As an alternative, let’s not collect students’ information.)

· Comply with the Kellogg-Briand Pact. (Or try those who do not comply as war criminals.)


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    http://euphronius118.insanejournal.com/ Thanks for that awesome posting. It saved MUCH time 🙂

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