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Daily Archives: October 10, 2011

Thinking about: History repeating

Let’s add some disparate bits of information together, just for fun:

1. Allegedly a breakdown of the Eurozone due to the departure of one member (not naming names, but its initials are “Greece”) would “be horrific”; and

2. A breakdown of the Eurozone would allegedly also lead to war; and

3. We all know what happens when a nation that joins a voluntary union of other nations then tries to leave that union against the wishes of other members of the union.


Is this the now-for-then equivalent of the Confederacy stocking up on rifles, powder, and shot?

Got popcorn?

Thinking about: Thinking small

The New York Times asks, in pertinent part:

If China, for instance, sends killer drones into Kazakhstan to hunt minority Uighur Muslims it accuses of plotting terrorism, what will the United States say? What if India uses remotely controlled craft to hit terrorism suspects in Kashmir, or Russia sends drones after militants in the Caucasus? American officials who protest will likely find their own example thrown back at them.

Perhaps a better question would be: “What if Mexico sends killer drones into the US to hunt down the men responsible for funneling thousands of rifles into the hands of the Mexican drug cartels?” After, of course, the Mexican president signs an executive order declaring those men “enemy combatants.”

Yo. Gander. Got sauce?

Glenn Greenwald is right. Again.

This time about the War On Some Drugs.

I know it’s popular in some circles to argue that the State is not like a household, and that it doesn’t really need to cut back expenditures during times of economic stress, but somehow it just seems that a trillion dollars would buy a lot of treatment, if the State is going to insist on spending money. Not to mention the lives saved south of the border as the citizens of Mexico are no longer collateral damage in that war.