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Daily Archives: October 14, 2011

Thinking about: Logical fallacies

There must be some sort of name for the logical fallacy that involves a form of “If A, then B. B, therefore A” which doesn’t take into account that C, D, E, π, or neg0ne possibly the cause of B. I’m just too lazy to look it up.

Take for example the ongoing prootwaddlelike debate over the weather on the ball of rock we call home. Seventy five percent of the planet is water, we have a very active star (notorious for having “warm” as a component of its existence) that we circle around, and no end of other galactic debris which infests the neighborhood. I’m sitting in an office which has at various times over the years been under sheets of ice a mile high and a sub-tropical swamp, all of which happened long before my time.

And yet I am assured, by scientists who were, in the ’70s, predicting a new ice age, and in the oughts were predicting catastrophic global warming, that we are now suffering “climate instability” and that that instability can ONLY be due to human interaction with our local mudball. The same species of human being who can’t tell me for sure whether to take shorts or a raincoat for next week’s picnic can nevertheless assure me that my driving a car is going to plunge the planet into … into something, that something being both Bad and TBA at a later date.

Ever notice how the people who insist that there are too many people and humanity is destroying the planet never seem to want to volunteer to get off the thing first, for the good of ol’ Gaia? That the Disaster du Jour always seems to be just more of an excuse for them to have power and money? Go dig up some notes on court intellectuals for further reading on the topic.

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