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Daily Archives: October 17, 2011

Hardyville Tales by Claire Wolfe is in print!

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Thinking about: Obama as FDR

Lew Rockwell recently wrote: “No, Obama is not FDR. This is not the New Deal. The public will not be browbeaten as it once was. The polls show a vast lack of even a modicum of confidence in political leadership, the failures of which are all around us.”

Which makes me wonder. Has boobus Americanus simply become so inured to the idea that the dotgov will “take care of him,” regardless, that he’s just not subject to the fear that FDR used to push his proposals through? It used to be that if you didn’t work, if you didn’t have resources, you’d … well, you’d die. In the cold. And the dark. Of starvation. If the grue didn’t get you first. But today you can continue a relatively pain free (in the sense of not dying in the cold and dark of starvation) with some effort. And you can watch TV in the meantime. So what incentive is there to go out and get a job if that job is just going to be some form of sitting in a cubicle or asking, “Do you want fries with that?”

As a theory, this works right up to the time that the money trough runs dry. At which point the folks who have been living day-to-day on dotgov largesse will likely find themselves in the cold and dark. And hungry. Without resources except an overwhelming sense of entitlement. At which point all bets are off and the fear that FDR talked about may be the least of our national worries.

Got grue repellent to go with your popcorn?