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Daily Archives: October 18, 2011

Thinking about: Politics as usual

Jim Bovard, in a recent column, asks: “Is the Republican Party on a suicide mission, hellbent on nominating someone who will perpetuate almost all the failed policies of the past?”

To which I replied, and wish to expand a bit:

No, the Republican party is on time, on target, with its mission of increasing its power in regard to establishing the Daddy State. As opposed to the Democrats who tend to want to increase their power to establish the Mommy State. Both sides are willing to trade off being in charge back and forth so long as each gets its preferred increases ratcheted up while in power – while paying lip service (or, at best, nibbling around the edges) of the changes the “opposing” party put into place during its time in the driver seat. It’s simply two horses yoked to the same cart of “increasing state power,” or two wings of the same bird that’s flying south to Statism for the season.

And naturally the mainstream media, as part of the power structure, is decidedly supportive of the cart, the bird, or whatever metaphor you’d care to choose – and really loathes anyone who’s looking to upset the system. Which is what Ron Paul proposes to do. It’s also why there’s a constant drumbeat against candidates who espouse TEA party views, or any other candidate who’s not keen on helping tow* the statist line. The MSM loves a bigger state because, combined with the gnat-like attention span of boobus Americanus, it gets to play kingmaker to a large degree, and it cherishes that power. Perhaps “is addicted to” would be a better choice of words than “cherish,” though the two do go hand in hand.

There is also an element of self-preservation for the MSM. A small State, engaged in little more than protecting people’s (negative) rights and providing a bit of national defense (on our own soil or coastal waterways) would not offer the powermongers in and out of the media the chance to self-aggrandize, and the possibilities of profit by supporting that system and aiding in that aggrandizement are fairly minimal. Lower profits means nobody buys ads (or Senators) and without ads the MSM would be going under.

So, in short, expect the system to keep spiraling downward until there’s nothing left to be sucked out of the system by the various political leeches. Then the real fun starts.

Got popcorn?

*I know it’s “toe the line.” It’s an intentional play on words.