Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Word of the Day: pander-zombies

As discussed by Kelley Vlahos, here.

The extremely thoughtful Ms. Vlahos is commenting on the ongoing drumbeat of attempts to demonize the Occupy X movement in its various incarnations. There’s a touch of sadness over the fact that the mainstream media is covering OWS with far greater depth and admiration than it ever gave to the anti-war movement, but one needs to remember that the purpose of the MSM is generally to support the existence and purposes of The State. The anti-war movement is purely anti-state, and as such is not something that the court intellectuals of the MSM are comfortable getting on board with. OWS, however, offers the potential for the State to appear to ride to the rescue of the 99%, thus burnishing its street cred with boobus Americanus. In reality, no such thing will happen and the naifs of OWS will find themselves discarded like used kleenex after the State has gotten its use out of them.

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