Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: Society

Though it pains me to use the word “society”* in place of “social group,” it’s common parlance for people to use it as a noun, rather than the verb that it is.

So, that being said, let’s take a short thought at just what holds a group – a society – together.

There are only two ways that a society stays in one piece. Consent. And coercion. You are with someone else either because you want to be, or because you have to be.

Up until 1865, the theory was that Americans were going to be together because they wanted to be. After 1865, it was painfully obvious that they were going to be together because they had to be.

Unfortunately, forcing association can only last for so long. It’s the sort of society that Adam Smith referred to as a “brittle” society, one which has no real strength and resilience in times of stress. While it may hold up to some degree under an external threat – which is why politicians are constantly working to manufacturing them – nevertheless internal stresses will gradually wear it down, and you’ll come to the point where the ruling class can only hold power at the point of a gun. Once that stage is reached, the crash is inevitable, because eventually those on the other side of the gun will realize that they outnumber by far the number of people with guns – and the slide to doom commences.

Though this is just part of a pattern, it may also be a starting gun on the race to the end.

Got popcorn?


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