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Daily Archives: December 10, 2011

Thinking about: Fear

Self defense courses, particularly ones relating to firearm use, often discuss the difference between “rational fear” and “blind fear?” The difference between a tighter feeling in your gut because you’re going to have to go do something about that “bump” downstairs at 2AM, versus “ZOMFGWTFBBQ DO I DO NOW? chicken with its head cut off” response?

I was thinking about that the other day when looking at some knuckle-dragging chest-thumpers spewing testosterone laden words about how “they” need to be killed to “protect America.” Besides the flat out stoooopid, a plan of action that would never be carried out by those who would not be obligated to even try to carry it out (really, Sportin’ Life? You’d go and stick a knife in a two year old girl’s chest because of her religion? That’s not protective, that’s psychotic. You need to get professional counseling and medication and not be advocating on foreign policy.) the tenor of their speech struck me as being a perfect example of blind fear. Not a rational, thought out, understanding of the threat and a proportionate response to same. Rather, it was the whimpering of a two-year-old hiding under his bed* because of the monsters in the closet.

Yet without any sense of irony, these idiots will assure me that they are living in the Land Of The Brave. Maybe they are – but they aren’t part of it.

*not a bad analogy, because unbeknownst to the kid, he’s managed to breed up a gigantic monster under the bed, in the form of all the new post-9/11 freedom killing laws, that will eat him long before any closet-dwelling moooslim does.