Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: Credibility in the Media

Can someone explain to me just exactly how all the hoplophobe – gun fearing – organizations in the United States retain any credibility with the supposedly objective mainstream media? Every time a state has decided to stop prosecuting law abiding citizens who choose to carry firearms for self defense, these grasseating pantywetters get all lathered up and scream, rant, and rave about how there will be shootings over parking spaces and blood will run in the streets after every fender bender. And yet, Gunmageddon (hat tip to Brian Wilson) never happens. In fact, crime goes DOWN, and concealed carry holders are among the most crime free in the nation – better than most legislatures, as a guess.

Now the grasseaters are all het up about the federal proposal to make concealed carry permits reciprocal, predicting blood in the streets and etc. Chuckleheads who are willing to bend over for any other sweeping federal mandate suddenly have discovered the Glory Of States’ Rights.

The question, though, is how the grasseaters get any traction in the media? I’ve never heard a reporter stick a microphone in a grasseater’s face and say, “You’ve been wrong the past 27 times you predicted Gunmageddon, why should people believe you now?” The fact that the mainstream media doesn’t ask the hard question like that, the fact that the media gives the grasseaters unwarranted credibility on this issue (and so many others) is just more proof that the mainstream media is in agreement with the grasseaters in regard to their agenda.

Which wouldn’t bother me so much if the media didn’t pretend to be objective and honest. If they would just admit to having their own agendas – none of which include “fairness,” “honesty,” or “accuracy” when such are in conflict – I’d like to think we’d see a bit of a change how things happen in this nation.

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