Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Quoted for Thought: More on money

A second thing to note about modern monetary systems is that the market value of these exchangeable monetary points lies, for all of their users, purely in their exchange value. That is, the only value that attaches to the acquisition and possession of money comes from the knowledge that money can be exchanged for other things. It is true that people also seek to acquire money as a “store of value” that they save for indefinite periods and have no definite plans to spend. But the only reason one can be successful in storing value when one saves money is that other things continue to happen out in society that preserve the use of that money as a medium of exchange. If at any time people became unwilling to accept that form of money in exchange, the saver would no longer be storing value when they saved their money, but valueless points on a meaningless scorecard.

Taken from here. Long article, worth looking at. And likely the rest of the series is as well.


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