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Daily Archives: January 4, 2012

Thinking about: Other countries lack of bedwetting

Listening to all the whining about how Ron Paul, if elected, might require wealthy Koreans and Europeans to actually have to decide their own defense issues points out how “other” oriented Americans have become, despite protestations of individuality to the contrary. You don’t read or hear about Switzerland or Mexico or Japan fretting about how their world role will be “diminished” if they don’t have troops stationed all over the place, nor do many of the Coalition of the Bribed who’ve abandoned Iraq and Afghanistan seem to be spending too much time worried that the terriers will be “following them home” like they were lost puppies or something. Only the bedwetting class in America seems to think that they are entitled to meddle in other people’s lives, killing them if necessary, without any repercussions to themselves. That’s a classic bully mentality – which most of the bedwetters are, among their other sins. But the bedwetters’ senses of self esteem (another American sin) require them to be citizens of a strong and imperial country, with strength defined as a right to kill anybody, anywhere, anytime, without consequence. It makes them feel better about themselves, I guess.

One fascinating bit of schizophrenia is seen in the gun-owning subclass of the bedwetters, people who’ll swear to all and sundry that They Are Ready to protect themselves and others. Fluffheads who engage in endless braggadocio about how they’d “take down” this terrorist or “headshoot” that criminal, if only given the chance. But in reality? “Ooooooh, PLEASE, don’t risk having Them come Over Here!!!!” Yeah. Home of the Brave. That’s 21st Century America.

Well, eventually the money will run out. Then we’ll see how well the bedwetters cope when there is nothing left for national defense. I presume they’ll be practicing the fine art of BellyUp-do, waving their little paws in the air and hoping that the Bad Guys don’t hurt them too bad.

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