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Daily Archives: January 24, 2012

They really said that?

By some statistical measures, Iraq today is safer and more stable than it has been in nearly a decade. In 2011, fewer than 1,500 Iraqi civilians were killed by bombs, sniper ambushes, and other “enemy attacks…”

The population of Iraq is about 32 million people.

The population of the US is about 320 million people.

Can you imagine a blase’ comment like that – regardless of how true it may be “statistically” – if the US were having “fewer than 15,000 people killed annually due to bombs, snipers, and other “enemy attacks?” As though that were some sort of GOOD thing?

I suppose, compared to 2010. But let’s compare it to, say, 2001.

Of course, they’re only Those People, Over There, so it’s not like Americans are going to give a rat’s patoot about the carnage their government has wreaked on Other People.

But just remember – sooner or later that government is going to start classing local dissenters as Other People. Then what?

Got popcorn?