Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: Collapse

Orlov updated his Five Stages Of Collapse last year in November or so. Good reading, well worth a re-read these days.

The only real quibble is his suggestion that the “market” provides anything. The problem with most languages, as H. Beam Piper once observed, is that they generally condition people to believe that everything is an action caused by an actor. It apparently takes training to understand that some things, some words, are just descriptions of processes. Such is the case with the word “market” and the disingenuous phrase “the market provides.” The market doesn’t provide anything – the market is simply a description of the multitudinous economic interactions between individual human beings. People buying, selling, and trading … THAT is “the market.” So rephrasing Orlov’s “Faith that ‘the market shall provide’ is lost.” to the clumsier – but more accurate – “Faith that people can no longer be trusted to buy, sell, or trade” yields a better reading of Stage 2.

He’s right, though, the governments (another disingenuous and misleading word – “government” is a process, not a thing) of the world with their “extend and pretend” methodology for kicking the can down the road while hoovering every last bit of wealth possible from the Disfavored have managed to keep Duh Voters from noticing we’ve been in Stage 1 for quite some time now. Of course, the bread and circuses that fill the airwaves don’t hurt, either, when it comes to distracting Duh Voters and keeping them disinterested and unaware of their own ignorance in regard to Orlov’s Elevator To The Basement…

Got popcorn?

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