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Daily Archives: February 16, 2012

Proving a point – what’s a “good job?”

From a link on Naked Capitalism regarding austerity policy in Greece, the quote: “In a very competitive job market, Greek parents sought to
equip their children to secure a job as a civil servant.”

So. A job that produces nothing except rules, noted for stifling the private sector, in a country that’s beat out by Yemen for business formation, down there at 100, is something that’s sought after?

I don’t freakin’ care that Greeks “work more hours” than Germans do – when it comes to work, it’s not a question of “quantity,” it’s a question of “quality,” and it sure seems like Greece has missed the boat on just what KIND of work they should be turning out. Ruling others is not something that’s either productive, nor grounds to be a sought after job to be proud of.

And that’s speaking as someone who has exactly that kind of job (as one of several).

Thinking about: The little monsters

There’s a wonderful post over at the HuffPo that asks the question about just WTF is wrong with parent/child relationships these days.

The writer, who sounds a lot like my mom used to, has essentially rediscovered the “permissive parenting” that rears its head again and again through the years. The idea that somehow children should be reasoned with, not disciplined, and that treating them as “my best friend” is somehow a way to raise mature and responsible adults.

Part of the problem lies in the fact that it can absolutely suck to discipline your child for doing something stupid or dangerous, particularly if it was the same sort of stupid or dangerous thing that YOU lived through when younger. Some parents simply rationalize – “Well, the marijuana now is stronger, so I don’t want my kids doing what I thought was fine” – their discipline, some choose not to – “I hated it, so I don’t want my child to hate it” – discipline, and some just recognize that bringing up children who are respectful of others’ rights is just part of the job they took on when parenting.

Or raise children who are NOT respectful of others’ rights, and watch our crime and tax rates soar as the “I can do what I want, at no cost to me!” generation ages.