Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: Dual standards

Americans have been raised on Hollywood movies and TV. Police and action movies, in particular, which never seem to show any consequences for the hero who’s Doing The Right Thing. Car chases, shootings, extrajudicial killings, all go unpunished so long as it’s for A Good Cause. If most police acted the way you see on TV, there’d never be a second show in the series other than showing the guy filling out a metric ton of paperwork and spending years in court.

But movies and TV are, unfortunately, part of the acculturation process and we have long since passed the point where boobus americanus believes that’s really the world works. That there aren’t – and shouldn’t be – any consequences for Americans because Doing The Right Thing doesn’t have actual consequences.

With that in mind, though, take a quick read of this article which covers in far better detail what the allegedly “right” reaction is to terrorist murders.

I doubt, however, that the soldier’s home town will be attacked with drones, house-to-house sweeps done looking for co-conspirators, or even anything as mundane as the perp being given over to the local justice system.

Seems pretty simple – murder is wrong. Unless, of course, you’re an American and your victim isn’t. Then it’s just business as usual for a Hollywood-trained Morlock.

And don’t ever forget. The Morlocks will be coming back here someday.

Got popcorn?


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