Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Quoted for thought: The Uninformed

“The uninformed scare easily.” Brian Wilson, talk show host and bassgrabber extraordinaire

“Uninformed” is just a polite word for “ignorant.” To be fair, “ignorant” is not, in and of itself, a perjorative – it simply refers to a lack of knowledge. I am utterly ignorant, for instance, of the feeling of a brain aneurysm, and would be glad to remain so for the remainder of my days. So there is no shame in ignorance, only in either continuing the ignorance or – worse – basing your decisions on your ignorance. A subspecies there are the aggressively ignorant – people who don’t know, and will be vociferous and argumentative in demonstrating that lack of knowledge when they express their feelings, frequently to those who DO know.

Remember – ignorance is only skin deep and can be fixed. Stupid, however goes clear to the bone and is irremediable.


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