Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: TEOTWAWKI and tribes

Posted up on a different board, figured I’d add this here as well:

The original thread poster, discussing bugging in or bugging out, and acquisition of food thereafter, said, “Better be able to make jerky because your going to want to catch as much as you can as soon as you can and keep it for as long as you can.”

“Keep it” includes, whether he meant it or not, making sure that while you’re skinning it and gutting it and processing it and preserving it, you don’t have it taken away from you by some ne’er-do-well who’s resorted to self-help since his Oregon Trail Card doesn’t seem to have much value any more. Preserving meat by smoking it takes time, and is difficult to do covertly because of the yummy smell. Even if you are hunting with something suppressed or a quieter non-firearm, things getting shot can make noise, which can then attract scavengers or opportunistic predators.

In other words, you face exactly the same problems as your g’g’g x 100 grandfather: You are likely SOL trying to survive on your own, and not just in regard to food acquisition, preparation, and storage. Batman in the Boondocks, however romantic the concept, is more likely just a relatively fast way to die alone. However, your g’g’g’ x 100 grandfather had a simple solution, one that people have been geared to for millions of years.

Got tribe?

This is not a particularly new concept, it’s bounced around on various gun boards and sociology texts, and has done so for years.

“Tribe” isn’t just a bunch of good buddies you go out shooting with once in awhile. It’s not the couple friends who drop over for drinks once in awhile. Tribe goes much deeper than that. It takes more – but it arguably gives more.

Sports teams have a good concept of tribe. Military personnel, particularly combat arms types, have it as well (though the Army’s system of individual replacements is far less conducive to building tribe than the European regimental system). Combat vets have a SERIOUS concept of how tribe works – and doesn’t work. La Raza has a tribe down pretty well, as do most street gangs. And the thing is, your g’g’g’ x 100 grandfather knew perfectly well that his best chance for survival lay with being a member of a tribe.

So as you look around at what you’ve got prepped to survive a SHTF scenario, whether temporary, longish term, or TEOTWAWKI, if you really have any serious interest in surviving, you just have to ask yourself one question.

Got tribe?


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