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Daily Archives: April 17, 2012

QFT – A long one, Farenheit 451, mostly

I read Farenheit 451 so long ago – elementary school – that I’ve forgotten most of it, other than the basics. Couldn’t have named the lead character to save my life. But I’ve been reminded by Kelley Vlahos why I need to re-read the darned thing.

See for yourself, here.

That Ray Bradbury – he was one smart cookie….

In the meantime, got popcorn?


Thinking about: The security of sameness

As best I can tell, it is part and parcel of human existence to be insecure. This leads to all sorts of coping mechanisms to deal with that insecurity, along with rationalizations as to why those coping mechanisms are acceptable (frequently some form of “it’s for the other guy’s own good”). Take for instance the otherwise thoughtful Philip Pilkington’s screed that describes utter artistic crap as being some sort of indictment of the free market. As though giving people what they want is somehow immoral or criminal.

Not everybody can be as artistically enlightened as Mr. Pilkington, just like not all of us can be gourmets or oenophiles or literary wonks. In fact, a vast majority just wish to have their bread and circuses and do not care that the starch component has an artful eggwashed artisan crust complete with free range wheat berries and fair trade yeast. But since it bothers Mr. Pilkington that others do not share his joys, he considers it to be some sort of crime.

In reality, people are going to want what they want, and so long as those desires do not initiate force nor injure another, it should be up to the buyer and seller – the market – and not Mr. Pilkington, to determine what products are being bought and sold. The free market is a thing of beauty, not a criminal enterprise, in that it can provide Mr. Pilkington with his eggwashed bread AND the fluffy white substance that almost but not quite resembles bread to the masses.

Now, to the extent that the masses don’t know any better, I’d say that’s more an indictment of the public education system – and THAT is a criminal enterprise, without doubt.