Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: What’s to come

Although I occasionally disagree with his posts, Sultan Knish is usually right on – and sometimes he’s more right on than others. Setting aside the anti-Muslim bias he has (one of the areas I disagree on) and applying this precept to criminal enforcement as a whole:

“Last week I was able to observe some of the top police brass doing what they do and it struck me how similar Community Policing is to Counterinsurgency. Both are methods used to control violence in fragmented multicultural areas by building trust and winning over tribal leaders in the hopes of lowering their group’s participation in crime and terrorism while getting them to cooperate with the local forces and act as informants on the bad guys.”

Read (past the anti-Muslim bits) the rest here and think about a related question: What’s the difference between a secret policeman and an undercover cop?


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