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Daily Archives: April 25, 2012

Thinking about: Degrees of College

The Debtor Creditor list serve recently had a segment of back-and-forth in regard to discharging student loans in bankruptcy (short answer: no), tuition costs are rising, and students are demonstrating over the cost of school. But let’s think about that for a moment – it’s the cost of “school,” not the cost of “education” that’s the necessarily the problem. And what exactly does school provide that an education doesn’t? A piece of paper – a degree – that says that the bear has met minimum standards of some sort or other.

But why not simply, and more cheaply, establish an independent testing and certification agency? Don’t say “corruption,” because grade inflation at colleges is a form of corruption all in its own right. The testing agency, like any other certification group, would need to establish a reputation for quality work in its process of certifying education, using repeatable testing and certification materials, such that a person could take a far more informative set of paperwork to a prospective employer than merely having a “degree” from a university. Which may, or may not, have any real application in life.