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Monthly Archives: May 2012

Thinking about: The Authoritarian Mind

I’d have said “lack of mind,” implying “lack of thought,” but once again Glenn Greenwald hits one out of the park.

Thinking about: Locking up resources

Well, not thinking terribly hard, because someone else has done a great job on it already. Dan Kervick’s tale of Citadella nicely describes where the world is today. And though it seems to be starting out as another anti-capitalist screed (and may well be intended to be so), nevertheless it can easily be read as a rightful slam on ANY group that locks up resources for its own benefit, denying them – through force or threats of force – to others.

The thing is, while Mr. Kervick describes the walls of “Citadella” as impregnable, in real life there is no such thing. So, in real life, it’s only a matter of time before the foraging class decides that it’s time to break the tumbrils out of storage again – at which point the leisure class will find that its monopoly on force is not such a monopoly after all.

Got popcorn?

Thinking about: American wussness

I have long argued about how Americans are a bunch of whiny wusses, afraid of their own shadows and willing to sell out their liberty for the false promise of security. “Home of the brave” – it’s more like the “home of the bedwetters.”

Nice to see that Glenn Greenwald is joining the party. And with far more thought and eloquence than I have ever put into the matter.

Thinking about: Choosing war

David Swanson posts brilliantly, saying, “Somebody chose this war, and it certainly wasn’t the Afghan people…”

All I can add is, “Well, it certainly wasn’t ME who chose the bloody thing!” and thus we get to the ever popular questions of who chose it, why was it chosen, and just YTF is the current Emperor continuing it?

Mr. Swanson’s most worthy column is in full here.