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Monthly Archives: July 2012

OTB: Bankers and OPM

Should banks be regulated by the State, like utilities? These guys think so.

Now as a libertarian in good standing I don’t know that I can truly condone government regulation and meddling … except … as the writer quotes, the banks are indeed playing with OPM – Other People’s Money, whether it’s in the initial risky loans or in the bailouts that they demand come from my pocket after those loans go sideways.

Perhaps an understanding that banks need to be insured against losses (hey, my car and house are!) and that banks, insured or not, should have no better right to dip into my pocket for a risky investment than anyone else, would prevent the need for tougher regulation. But, up until such happens, if the banks are going to have a call on my wallet, perhaps I – through my legislator – need to have some say in how they operate.

Thinking about: Aurora

Everybody has to have an Aurora Shooting Post – it’s in the guild rules somewhere. Anyway:

There’s an older story about a gathering of gunwriters, self defense gurus, industry people, for … I don’t remember, some shoot or something. Anyway, during lunch the conversation turns to the merits of various firearms for self defense and, after awhile, one of them pipes up with “a .38 J frame.” The rest of the room is aghast, and, sputtering, demands an explanation. He crosses his leg, taps his ankle, and replies, “Because apparently it’s the only gun in this room.”

Other writers and trainers have talked about going to police meetings and being surrounded in a sea of gunlessness, and plenty of applicants for CCW licenses will say, “It’s only for when I feel like it” or “It’s just so I can have something in the glove compartment.”

Which brings me to the point of today’s cogent observation – I am amazed at the number of guys on various gun fora who are now piping up with some form of “I’m going to have to start carrying again.” This leads to two points – “WTF???? You mean you WEREN’T????” and “I wonder how long before the ‘I’m feeling lazy and don’t want to dress to carry today’ becomes the mindset again.”

It would not surprise me to find that there were people in the Aurora theater who HAD licenses to carry – and who didn’t even have the “I left my gun in the car because the theater said ‘Gun Free Zone'” excuse.

Thinking about: Acts of War

So let me get this straight. If Pakistan never approved US drone strikes inside its borders, and yet US drones have struck and continue to strike Pakistan isn’t that an act of war by the US against a sovereign nation? What would the illiterati say if Mexican drones were striking targets in the US? Would they be as supportive? Or would their natural bigotry and hypocrisy come out on display?

Enquiring minds want to know.