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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Thinking about: Consent of the governed

Despite this opinion that is at some variance, government has always rested on the consent of the governed. The only question has been whether that consent was freely given, or whether it was forced at gunpoint.

The question then becomes whether the State has sufficient guns to force consent if freely given consent is withdrawn. It is likely that Americans will find out the answer to that question in the not too distant future.

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QFT: Running Away From TSHTF

Arctic Patriot sums it up. I’ve lived overseas. If you can make a go of it when TSHTF, given your education, training, experience, or wealth, more power to you. But I just don’t see being a foreigner during Tough Times as a useful survival strategy. I’ll take my chances where I at least speak the language and can blend in with the population.

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QFT: Rule of law

George Washington – no, not the dead President, but, rather, this one put it simply and correctly when he says, “We have argued for years that the best way to avoid violence is to reinstate the rule of law.

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Who’d have thought it – domestic violence

Alcohol, drugs, and accusations of sexual infidelity are components of domestic violence.

To figure this out, they need a study?