Looking carefully at that which is unseen.

Thinking about: Difference in attitude

Whether you believe they’re serious or not, gun boards are filled with writers who claim they’re going to look to take up arms to defend their right to keep and bear arms. All well and good. The interesting difference is that you don’t see anybody on the freedom-loathing anti-gun side offering to personally go out and disarm gun owners. They all expect to farm it out to underpaid state workers, while sitting back and basking in the glory of their self-righteousness.

And that says so much about the attitudinal differences. Gunnies come from more of a “do it yourself” mindset, while Liberals are much more in the “Somebody needs to do it for me” camp. Even when it comes to killing those who would trample your rights, whether those rights are real or imagined.

Got popcorn?


One response to “Thinking about: Difference in attitude

  1. gooch March 8, 2013 at 4:04 pm

    I just posted a reference to your “thought” over on Claire’s Living Freedom site.
    Here = http:/ /www.back woods home.com/blogs/Claire Wolfe/2013/03/07/fourth-question-feeding-the-hogs/ [condense to reactivate]
    I thought you should know and Hope you don’t mind.

    Thanks for so clearly expressing the obvious [once expressed] differences between the opposing parties.
    It really is that simple isn’t it? We do, They want done for them.

    Now if “we” could just educate the power drunk thugs who will only too gladly want to “bust heads” and show them the error of their ways …. {sigh}

    stay safe,


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