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Daily Archives: February 14, 2014

Thinking about: Carrying firearms

There are some fairly solid writeups on the recent California-centric 9th Circuit decision in regard to carrying firearms, one of which is here.

What gets interesting, though, is the suggestion that states may prohibit *either* concealed carry, *or* open carry, but not both. Which leads to the question, though, of “what happens when a state prohibits concealed carry, but then doesn’t rein in police who harass lawful open carriers?” There are far too many examples of that these days, and regardless of whether the carrier provoked the confrontation or the confrontation was just on the uninformed officer’s own over-initiative, I would suggest that it’s probably going to take a lot of settlement money being paid out of taxpayer coffers in order to get the attention of The Powers That Be that maybe the pendulum really is swinging the other way.

That said, tyrants are not noted for giving up power gracefully.

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Explosives cause harm, fire burns, water is wet…

In the spirit of stating the effin’ obvious, Dr. S. Andrew Josephson, having slept through all of his 20th century history classes, dreaming of how to get a liplock on the public teat (apparently) wants to inform the world that after a study, he has discovered that high explosives “…sends blast waves through the bodies of people even hundreds of yards from the detonation, leaving some nearby outwardly unharmed but disrupting their molecules and inner tissues. Years later, such changes could lead to adverse symptoms…”

Despite this being a family blog and all, there really is no better response than, “No shit, Sherlock!” Why he’s “discovering” this just now, though, leads me to suspect that he’s looking for more tax money to study the “problem.”

I particularly appreciate his fatuous and remark demonstrating an utter lack of education, that, ““This is a totally different type of injury than our troops were exposed to 50 years ago,” given that soldiers and civilians have been exposed to high explosives detonating hundreds of yards away for over a century now.

On the other hand, *I* certainly have been exposed to high explosives detonating within a hundred yards – or less – so maybe that explains my attitude toward ignoramuses like Dr. Josephson.