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Monthly Archives: August 2014

Thinking About: The Ukraine

Yes. “Ukraine” is the name of what is allegedly a nation. “THE Ukraine” is the more traditional rendering of the description of that sort of weird-butt no-man’s land between Europe and Russia. Note the stunning lack of any nation so-captioned in this map from c. 1800:

But the interesting question is why the whole mess has started to take on a Pythonesque air.

Ukraine: You invaded us!
Russia: No we didn’t.
Ukraine: Those are Russian troops! With Russian tanks and artillery!
Russia: No, those are just family members of Novorossians who found some very good deals at the local Army-Navy outlet.
Ukraine: The terrorists aren’t allowed to have foreign help!
Russia: What about all the foreign help that you’re getting?
Ukraine: That’s different. We won the coup fair and square.
Russia: But don’t the people of Novorossiya have a right to self determination?
USA: You cannot take territory that belongs to one nation just because the people there want to have a nation of their own.
Russia: KOSOVO!
USA: Excuse me?
Russia : Sorry, we’re allergic to blatant hypocrisy here.
Chechnya: Yeah, that whole “let my people go!” thing is a bummer.
Russia: Shut up!

And so on and so on and so on.

So. Will we make Moscow glow over a bunch of fascist coupateers, just because they happen to be our newest buddies in the We Hate Russia Club? Can the nation that argued the Monroe Doctrine and yanked large portions of Mexico away from its owners really complain about Russia taking an interest in land that formerly belonged to it – and is filled with people who want to live there (cf. further comparisons at “Texas in the mid-19th century.”

Got popcorn?

Thinking About: Ferguson

Jim Bovard asked when I was going to do a riff of some kind on Ferguson, Missouri, and I said it’d just be piling on and that I had nothing new to add to the conversation, nor any useful comments to the two polarized sides of the debate.

I will say, though, that there’s something inherently sideways in the world when one of the imperial vassal states, not noted for its own gentleness nor restraint toward opponents, is advising caution in the empire’s response.

h/t to Claire Wolfe for finding that link.

Jim seemed to particularly like one comment, saying, “Might even be worth tossing out to some libertarian sites like Rockwell…” in regard to my observation regarding police:

Once they went from “peace officers” working for the community to “law enforcement officials” working for the State, there was no turning back.

In fairness, though, another blogger whose opinions I seriously respect has a somewhat different take on the matter. Tam speaketh thusly….