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QFT: Obama’s truth

“This is not the equivalent of the Iraq war,” he said.

Very true.

The war on IS will be war IN Iraq, rather than war WITH Iraq. An important distinction only a lawyer and a jingo could love.


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Thinking about: Sauce for the gander

QFT: Running Away From TSHTF

Arctic Patriot sums it up. I’ve lived overseas. If you can make a go of it when TSHTF, given your education, training, experience, or wealth, more power to you. But I just don’t see being a foreigner during Tough Times as a useful survival strategy. I’ll take my chances where I at least speak the language and can blend in with the population.

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Thinking about: American wussness

I have long argued about how Americans are a bunch of whiny wusses, afraid of their own shadows and willing to sell out their liberty for the false promise of security. “Home of the brave” – it’s more like the “home of the bedwetters.”

Nice to see that Glenn Greenwald is joining the party. And with far more thought and eloquence than I have ever put into the matter.

Quoted for thought: Tam does it again

“Granted, this will have about as much effect on the process as bailing the Titanic with a teaspoon, but, like the Sudoku puzzle in your in-flight magazine, it’s something to do while you auger in.”

Spit soda all over my monitor, I did.

Read the rest – heck, read ALL her great stuff, here.

QFT – A long one, Farenheit 451, mostly

I read Farenheit 451 so long ago – elementary school – that I’ve forgotten most of it, other than the basics. Couldn’t have named the lead character to save my life. But I’ve been reminded by Kelley Vlahos why I need to re-read the darned thing.

See for yourself, here.

That Ray Bradbury – he was one smart cookie….

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QFT: Claire puts one out of the park

Rather than the usual QFT paragraph or sentence, here is a whole article by the magnificent Claire Wolfe in regard to just what can happen when the fearmongers get their way. Too many people think “It can’t happen to me,” and those folks are directed to google “police raid house by mistake” and spend several productive hours reading exactly what can happen to people who had no reason to believe that it couldn’t happen to them.

And if you think your innocence will eventually get you out of hock, you haven’t been paying much attention to Guantanamo, have you?

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Quoted for Thought: Ron Paul

Overheard on the Brian Wilson Radio Show:

“There’s no fuzziness with Ron Paul.”

Because there’s no way with Dr. Paul for a voter to rationalize why he’s voting for an anti-freedom tyrant. Hurts the self-esteem of yer averij voter (who typically likes to pretend he’s for liberty), it does, to admit that he’s voting for a tyrant. Dr. Paul’s positions essentially call them out for their hypocrisy and having to face that sort of thing makes people uncomfortable.

Quote of the day

“If Obama isn’t the anti-Christ, he’s at least his ambassador.”

Brian Wilson

Should be up on LewRockwell.com in a full-on article soon.

Quoted for Thought

The American voter has rarely been interested in voting for the “right” candidate or the “best” candidate for the job. What the American voter wants is to vote for the winner, so that he can say that he has done so and thus obtain secondhand glory for himself. This is the plain result of a group-based culture that is other-oriented, which is odd considering that boobus Americanus will insist that Americans are individualists. Based on history, their “individualism” is only in their imaginations and they are as herd-driven as any other social group in history. At least, though, the Japanese are honest enough to admit it.

John Underhill