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Monthly Archives: July 2014

Thinking about: Sauce for the gander

“…that one group has commandeered a strong central government and used it to oppress another group or groups. The only viable solution is to reduce fear, which is induced by a strong central government, by weakening that government and its power to oppress, giving that government less control over minority regions (autonomy), or even doing away with the central government and dividing the territory into parts. Despite the fact that such decentralization or autonomy is often the best solution, many states of the international community are usually reluctant to support it, because it might set a precedent for their own restive groups to demand the same.”

I’m open to suggestions and discussion as to why this excellent analysis does not apply to the United States and the strong central government in DC.

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Thinking About: Culture – Us and Them

The phrase “gun culture” is frequently bandied about by the Left, as though it were some pejorative.  Well … why not embrace it?  This means, of course, that there must be a term for those who are NOT members of the Gun Culture (since every Us has a Them) and given the old adage about “free people own guns, slaves don’t,” I would suggest that the obvious descriptive for “Them” is “slave culture.”

It fits well, because they either already believe themselves to be slaves of or desire strongly to make slaves out of others to, The State.  Slavery, for the Slave Culture, is a natural state of existence and depending on their personal preferences they either hope for a kindly owner or intend to be an owner – whether kindly or not.


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Thinking about: Who’s the boss?

Saw this recently:

Another police shooting

and presume that there will be no consequences to the officer, other than a paid vacation, because of “officer safety.”

But I have to wonder. What about “regular people safety?” Why should police receive any sort of special immunity from criminal acts, just because they’re deemed “at risk?” The fact that the risk to the general population is deemed unworthy of consideration by TPTB is quite telling. It’s been a long time since America even pretended to be an egalitarian society, rather than a nation of rulers and ruled, but they’re really getting more and more blatant about letting the peasants know what their place in the scheme of things is….

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