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Monthly Archives: January 2014

Thinking about: Tribes

Actually, Mosby has been thinking about tribes. And put his thoughts into a lot more words and a lot better words than I’d spend the time writing.

So I’ll just say, “go see!”

Got popcorn? For the whole tribe?

Thinking about: Good Conversation

John Adams reportedly said that a good argument is the best kind of conversation, or something like that. Or somebody said it. If nobody else, I said it, and hereby adopt the sentiment for my very own.

Wanna argue about it?

Anyway, I found myself in a rare moment of light disagreement with HobbitFave Jim Bovard in regard to his recent posting on taxation. The disagreement is more in the nature of ways and means, maybe some semantics, than anything truly substantive. I’d characterize it as something along the lines of Blind Jim feeling up Tantor’s trunk and stating that an elephant is long and snake-like, with me a step back saying, “Jim, it’s a monstrous huge beastie, almost the size of a politician’s ego and rounder than I am.” He’s not wrong, per se – part of the elephant IS kind of snakelike. I’m just not sure he’s getting the whole picture.

But he knows where my blog is, he’s free to come over and have an argument on the issue, ‘because argument or not, serious or not, ANY conversation with Jim is a delight.

Heh. Heh. Heh.